Just like anything, pool design trends have changed as the decades go on. As a buyer, naturally you want a pool that is timeless, and will look great for decades to come. The good news is pools never go out of style, the trends just evolve!

In the last decade, we’ve seen plenty of technological advancements that have made pool maintenance easier, and more energy-efficient. Additionally, we’ve seen many new lights, speakers, waterfalls, slides and other fun features. But one thing stays imperative when designing a pool- the finish. Typically, consumers aren’t informed of the variety of different choices, but they often have a water color in mind. The finish you choose has the most significant impact on the overall feel of your swimming pool. So, what are the latest options?

While options such as tile, vinyl and fiberglass are the most affordable, they are not long-lasting, because pool plaster is known to erode over time due to all the chemicals in the water. Luckily, new options have emerged on the market, that are both stylish and reliable!

The market has now moved towards aggregate pool finishes. These are made up of several different materials such as stones, pebbles, coated crystals or rounded glass, ground up and combined in a mixture of pigmented cement-based plaster. The result is a smooth, seamless finish with bits of reflective material that’s pleasing to the eye. There are more than several color options on the market, so there’s a hue to match any design style!  

Looking for something a little more luxurious? Exposed aggregate finishes incorporate larger pieces of pebbles, glass or stones into the mixture, introducing some texture and a more “natural” looking aesthetic. These finishes come in an array of colors, from muted and dark pebbles to a colorful display of beautiful stones that sparkle with the sun. Fortunately, these unique aggregate finishes are known to last an upwards of twenty years- making them the top choice on the market.

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