In the midst of all the planning and designing we do with our clients, we find that many couples tend to be the most excited about designing their master suite. Many of our clients come from cookie-cutter homes that weren’t designed to fit their needs. Gone are the days of having to fit your furniture into your room. Instead, you can design your room around your furniture! 

While there are certain features that all master suites need, we also encourage our clients to dream big, and think about features to add to their “wish list.” That way, once the design is near complete, if there is extra room in the budget, they can choose a few dream features to add into their master suite! 

Personal Patio or Balcony

Who doesn’t love a good balcony? We can’t imagine anything more relaxing than having your own private balcony overlooking your backyard. Just envision yourself enjoying a quiet cup of coffee listening to the birds in the morning, or having drinks and quality time with your partner watching the sun go down. Your own private place to relax and soak in nature, undisturbed. 

Luxury Walk In Shower

While walk-in closets are great, we personally love walk-in showers! In the fast few years, showers have really gotten an upgrade. Depending on the size of your bathroom, consider creating a shower with multiple shower heads, to save time and water in the mornings. Overhead waterfall faucets are also a popular feature. For those who especially enjoy a spa-like experience, you can even include a separate steam room, situated within your shower! Can it get more luxurious than that?

Specialized Lighting

Bedside lamps can often be too bright, and have the potential to disrupt your sleeping partner. The solution? Individual lighting options give you both control of the lighting on your respective side of the bed! They come complete with a dimmer switch, and many include a timer settingbased on your preference, your light will continue to get more and more dim until it switches off, signaling that it is time for bed. 


Lastly, we think skylights are a fun feature to add into a master suite! They can be installed both over your bed, or in your bathroomperhaps over a bathtub. Enjoy stargazing right in the comfort of your own home! 

Would any of these features make your master suite wish list?