In the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of the farmhouse kitchen design trend, and for good reason! This design style is both homey and chic! It’s comforting and classic, while still feeling modern and stylish. Featuring simple color schemes and plenty of antique-inspired decor accents, this is a style that’s easily achievable, and endlessly customizable. It’s a beautiful mix of old world American style, with bits and pieces of French and English country. The best part? Besides the kitchen, you can bring the farmhouse style into every room in your home! 

So, how do you get the look? First, choose a color scheme that fits the vibe you’re after. The farmhouse style utilizes crisp, clean whites, along with a few accent colors, such as brass/gold, grey, green, navy, black- it’s truly up to you! Besides the color scheme, the farmhouse aesthetic is synonymous with rustic accents- think antique decor, distressed wood, and reclaimed (or refinished) items. Anything vintage-inspired is fair game. This design style makes old seem new again! 

Because this style is so eclectic, it can be hard to understand what exactly it’s made up of! Here are a few features you can look out for when searching for farmhouse decor:

  • Galvanized steel or metal: think buckets, vases, trays, doors, decor, and even furniture!
  • Wood: natural or worn wood items give the organic, farmhouse feel.
  • Furniture with a distressed or antique finish.
  • Linen: this light fabric gives more of a laid back feel than some heavy, lush fabrics such as velvet.
  • Wrought iron: on furniture (bed frames!), picture frames, railings, wall decor and more.
  • Mirrors and wall signs.
  • Play with patterns: some minimal patterns in light colors can add a fun pop.

Because this design style pulls from such a large pot of inspiration, it can be hard to go wrong! Keep your eye out for neutral items that play with texture, while still maintaining the simplicity the farmhouse style is so famously loved for!