2022 is coming to an end and we are looking forward to the new year! 2023 brings new hope, new goals, resolutions and fresh new ideas. The homebuilding industry sees trends shifting with each passing year and 2023 is no different. We’ve gathered the most exciting home design trends for 2023 to inspire plans for your future custom home.


Trading formal for function


In the past, formal rooms were a home requirement to host and entertain guests. But after the pandemic drastically shifted time spent at home, function has taken priority. Buyers want their home to make life easier and work for them, with each square foot serving a purpose for regular daily life. Out with formal dining rooms and in with functional family rooms. 




With the economy and housing market changes, affordability is on the forefront. Homeowners are turning away from extra costly amenities and choosing more affordable choices. Homeowners are playing it safe and cutting costs in their homebuilding decisions for 2023.


Environmentally Conscious


With an increase in global awareness and concern, we’re seeing an increase in environmentally conscious home additions. Sustainability is becoming a high priority with homeowners preferring solar panels, smart tech thermostats, and energy efficient windows. 


Requirement of Home Offices


A few years ago, a home office was a nice-to-have home addition. Now, it’s a requirement. Working from home has become so increasingly common and families need space for zoom meetings away from the kids. Builders are seeing one or even two home offices being increasingly mandatory for homes in 2023. 


Comfort and Personalization 


In 2023 homeowners want to feel cozy and comfortable in their home. Stress has been at an all-time high and they are seeking a comforting retreat from the world. Their choices in textiles and colors reflect this much needed remedy. Warm colors and natural textiles bring a nesting quality to homes and will be very popular in 2023.


At Jameson Luxury Homes and Pools we look forward to helping you create a timeless home that reflects all of your needs, wishes and desires. We have earned a reputation of exceptional professionalism, utilizing quality materials, and striving to surpass every client’s expectations. Your home is of the utmost importance, so call us today to help create the home of your dreams.