Bring nature indoors to stay with the “go green” trend. By incorporating shades of nature into your décor you’ll also stay current even if your potted plants don’t last beyond the holiday season.

Use green as an accent color on the walls or curtains. Drapes made of dark, lush forest green on a thick fabric frame windows that look onto a green lawn beautifully. The colors blend from interior to exterior view making for a smooth transition for the eye. An accent wall in Behr’s color of the year, Back to Nature, pairs great with golds and yellows and is a revitalizing and fresh color. Or, do the entire room in true green, like Hunter Green from Benjamin Moore. This color will coordinate with shades of brown and exudes a handsome, timeless feel.

Green goes very well with two other hot colors coming on in 2020 – pale pink and white. A master bathroom done this color combination will satisfy both the man and woman of the house. White tile, rose gold faucets and green towels coordinate nicely. Alternatively, use a palm leaf pattern wallpaper in your guest room with white and blush bedding. Blush has been popular for a few years and won’t be leaving anytime soon due to its ability to blend well with jewel tones.

Add a little nature to your décor to get green into more rooms of the house. Indoor plants like pothos, snake plants and spider plants brighten up a room. They are also three of the best houseplants for purifying the air, and who doesn’t want that? Place them on plant stands next to the sofa, directly in deep windowsills, or on your nightstand. Speaking of nightstands, the best houseplants for sleep are English Ivy, known for its ability to clean indoor air, and the peace lily because it adds moisture to the air while absorbing airborne toxins.