In your custom-designed home theater room by Jameson, several key elements come together to create the ultimate home movie viewing experience. In parts one of this blog series, we looked at screens and projectors. Part two covered speakers and sound dampening technology. Now, let’s look at seating and lighting to complete the room.

When choosing furniture for your theater room, comfort is the top priority. Who wants to be uncomfortable when they hunker down for a two to three hour movie? Electric recliners in plush leather come in lots of colors to match your décor. Look for seats with sloped armrests and extra padding. Try the chairs out in the store to make sure your head fits comfortably on the headrest, as many chairs are not ideal for very tall people.

Other elements that make for a great movie chair include cup holders and built-in tray tables for convenient dining and snacking. Need to recharge while you’re on do-not-disturb? Many chairs have USB ports to plug in your devices. And, to get a full 3-D experience, get the seats that rumble in sync with the movie action.

While individual seats are great (and most will interlock), sofa-style seating can make for a more cozy movie night. Alternatively, a loveseat recliner or “chair and a half” will make snuggling easier without an armrest between you and your loved one.

Recessed lighting and wall sconces are by far the most preferred methods to illuminate your theater room. Lamps and hanging lights will reflect off the screen and detract from optimal picture quality. Use proper insulation around any in-ceiling or in-wall fixtures to ensure maximum sound-dampening effect. Lights should be on a dimmer switch and having a remote-controlled lighting system is very convenient.

Rope or LED lights along the floor will add ambiance and give you a pathway to the door so as not to disturb other viewers. Make sure floor lights do not emit any heat for fire safety purposes. LED “stars” in the ceiling on a black background make for a nice touch, too.

Now that your home theater room is all set up, sit back and relax as you enjoy your favorite flicks with your family!