Here at Jameson, much of our business is centered around our luxury pool offerings. We find that many of our customers enjoy having a private, relaxing place to retreat to- and a backyard pool is a fantastic way to get that resort-like experience right in your own backyard!  Living in Texas, the weather is great for most of the year, meaning homeowners can enjoy their pool for longer. But, it’s still great to have other amenities you can enjoy when the temperatures drop! Enter the hot tub.

A hot tub is a great addition to any pool- they’re enjoyable year round and are simple to add onto any pool build! However, the backyard is not the only place for a jacuzzi. Install a free-standing jacuzzi on a covered patio for extra weather protection. If your bedroom has a deck or balcony, install a hot tub for a private couples retreat. You may even consider creating an indoor “pool room,’” complete with a jacuzzi. Add a TV nearby and you’ve got the ultimate recipe for relaxation!

Why opt for a hot tub in Texas when our weather is warm year round? For those nights when the temperature dips, rather than paying to heat up a large pool, a hot tub can heat up much more quickly and is far more affordable. But hot tubs aren’t just great for cold weather, they’re also great for muscle relaxation and therapy 12 months out of the year! So if you’re an  active individual, you’ll likely find many benefits from a weekly soak in the hot tub. 

Working with a small space? A hot tub can is a great fit for that too. While jacuzzis can be big enough to fit an upwards of ten people, you can also opt for a smaller one- they even make single person hot tubs! 

Thinking about adding a jacuzzi to your home? As a custom home company, we can work within any requirements to make your dream come to life- there’s options to fit every lifestyle, budget and space.Contact us today through our website, or email us at info@jamesoncustomhomes.com for more information!