Hygge. That’s a funny word, isn’t it? 

Pronounced “hoo-gah”, hygge is a Danish word that is difficult to define. The commonly agreed upon English equivalent is something to the effect of, “cozy togetherness”. It’s an entire lifestyle built around the idea of comfort, serenity, and the joy of the little things.

The word evokes a calm wintry evening by the fireside, a warm drink in your hands, good food, and friends to share it with. After a year of isolation, and cooler weather just around the corner, this kind of “cozy togetherness” is exactly what most of us are ready for.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait for a Scandinavian winter to add elements of hygge to our lives, and our homes. Hygge is a luxurious, cozy lifestyle, meant to be embraced year round, no matter where you live! Here are three ways you can bring some of this “cozy togetherness” to your home.


Hygge is all about comfort, and creating a peaceful, cozy space. When it comes to color scheme, opt for shades that are reminiscent of nature. Cream, grey, brown, sage green, and a neutral blue will bring out the serene, natural look that speaks to all things hygge. Avoiding bright patterns and dark or jewel tone colors will keep the room open and airy. The space should feel harmonious and inviting.

Cozy Textures

It can be easy to overlook, but a little bit of attention to texture goes a long way! Incorporating details like faux fur throws, or natural edge wood into your space is a way of creating coziness not just visually, but using the sense of touch as well. A space shouldn’t just look luxurious, it should feel luxurious. It doesn’t have to stop with the furniture, either – exposed wood beams and door frames are an understated kind of chic. Like the colors, opt for natural textures such as linen, wood, and soft cotton.


In Scandinavia, winters are incredibly dark, (some places only get an hour of sunlight, in the middle of the night!) making the light in the home a crucial part of hygge! During the day, nothing is more inviting than natural light streaming in through large, open windows. At night, bring warmth to a room by decorating with plenty of candles, or even making use of a fireplace. Nothing compares to the sense of coziness created by soft firelight. Even in Texas, don’t underestimate what a valuable addition a fireplace can be to the atmosphere of a home! 

Want to reinvent your home and fully embrace “cozy togetherness” this season? Sometimes decor only takes a space so far. Contact us today, and let Jameson help you create the luxurious, cozy atmosphere of your dreams!