Keeping your home updated is way more important than you think! Whether you’re switching out the light bulbs, updating the appliances, or making a bigger jump by adding bedrooms or knocking down walls, all add significant value back into your home. Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint what area of your home would benefit from a little renovation. Here are a few tips to help you keep your home up to date and looking its best!


Lighting plays a huge role in your home! Between natural lighting and artificial light, they depict the mood of the room as well as the temperature, which are both big factors. A great way to keep your home looking sleek and modern may be updating the light fixtures. You’d be surprised at how much a ceiling light can change the room! Adding curtains or a window treatment to the windows may affect the amount of heat being pushed into the room, which could also lower your AC bill!

-Replacing Outdated Tiles and Flooring

Tiles are a popular material for great reasons. Durability, easy cleaning, and water resistance are just a few examples as to why you can find tiling in almost every home. But, tiles do have a lifespan. After withstanding drips from baths/showers, dinner parties, and kitchen fiascos, your tile could probably use some updating. If you find chips, cracks, loose tile, or grout problems it’s time to call in the contractors.

-Not Enough Space

So many people feel forced to move out of their home because they have run out of space for their growing families. Why spend the effort and energy moving somewhere new when you can build on anything that’s missing from your home. Whether it’s a home library, a new garage, bedrooms and closets, or literally anything of your dreams, it can be built perfectly into your home. 

-Switching Up the Interior Design

Are you looking to add flavor back into the interior of your home but don’t really know how to do that? There is no better feeling than knowing that there is someone for everything. Interior designers are the perfect solution when you see a new vision for your home but you’re unsure how to execute it. Dreaming of your perfect home is easy but making it come to life is even easier when you have the right resources.

Keeping your home updated is more than the aesthetics though. Taking the extra steps to preserve your home and add to its value is the real winning outcome of updating. Taking the first step to renovations is hard but it doesn’t have to be! Jameson Custom Homes is the best company to use when you are adding value back into your home. Design building, interior designing, remodeling or new home construction, Jameson offers it all! Get in touch with us today.