The new year is here, and nothing welcomes a fresh new chapter like a clean, unique and new look!

Remodels and upgrades seem like such a hassle, but they really are a blast when you’ve chosen the right contracting group to work with. Jameson can make your home life dreams come true, and even the smallest change can make a world of a difference in the appearance and appeal of your home!

In case you decide you want a facelift for your home, Jameson is ready to take on any and every one of your interior and exterior needs! Here are a few trending remodeling ideas for your fresh, new 2022!

The Kitchen: The kitchen is, as they call it, the heart of the home; the focal point. Guests see it, you see it and it often ends up being a room where so much quality time is spent, and hey, everybody needs food! Now, you don’t have to tear out your entire kitchen, but a popular thing to give your home a little upgrade is to replace your cabinets with taller, cleaner ones and replace your countertops to match! (you can always purchase some new appliances if you’re feeling extra motivated) These small improvements can brighten up the whole outlook of your home. It can make a kitchen seem bigger, cleaner and more inviting! LOOK

Lighting: Nothing helps you wake up in the morning on the right side of the bed like a natural and bright amount of light! Windows are key to having floods of natural light pouring into your home, so tear down those walls and get that vitamin D! (you can always add a ton of light fixtures too!) Garage: This may seem like a mundane topic, but there’s nothing worse than an overcrowded garage. Open that thing UP! More space for all your Christmas decorations, and more space for all the things that have grown WAY too close to your vehicles. A home full of clutter is NOT IT for 2022, so make the space for your extras and open your home to NEW possibilities!

Open Floor Plan: Last, but not least, we have the glorious open floor plan idea! A spacious home doesn’t always mean a big home, in terms of square footage. This can also mean not having choppy rooms that make your living space/kitchen look smaller than they really are. Make a change in 2022 and tear down some old walls to give space for new entertainment space, time with family and room to grow!