The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling (kind of), and the holiday season is right around the corner! As Autumn comes in full swing, and the long, hot days of Summer are (almost) behind us, swimming pools may be the last thing on our minds.

But did you know that right now is the best time to begin building a pool? Yes, really.

Here’s why:

Lower Cost (Cha-Ching!)

Most people begin their pool builds in late Spring/early Summer, when sweltering days catching rays are what everyone is thinking about. This means the cost of materials increases with demand. However, when you opt to build in Fall/Winter, you have a better chance at getting a better deal on labor, materials, and construction.

More Time for Cool Features

Imagine your dream pool. Does it have a waterfall feature? A slide? A tanning ledge? Maybe even a pool bar! Building in Winter means more time to add all those details you’ve always wanted, and less time standing in the heat sweating along with the workers building your pool instead of enjoying that waterfall feature.


True, most plants don’t thrive in the Winter months. However, it is the perfect time to begin planning – and because you built early, you know exactly what sort of pool you’re building around. Plus, planting your landscaping around your (finished) pool as early in Spring as possible means full, lush landscaping when your pool is actually ready to use!

Building now means you’re more likely to have the time and the resources to create that luxurious getaway you’ve always wanted out of a pool. So, why wait?

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