Looking to make a few upgrades in your home? In our opinion, smart home technology is a great place to start. Over the last decade, we’ve seen huge strides in technological advancements, gracing us with a wide variety of smart home features that help in different areas of the home. 

Not to worry, these products are sleek, seamlessly fitting into your home’s design while offering major benefits to your family. And there’s more- these upgrades significantly raise the resale value of your home! For buyers looking in the luxury housing market, these types of features are not only appreciated, but expected. Having even a few can drastically set your home apart from others, allowing it to sell quicker, and for a higher price. 

There are dozens of these luxury upgrades to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites…

Built In Speakers

Everybody loves music, right? Enjoy your favorite albums with built-in surround sound speakers! Typically, these can be mounted anywhere- the ceiling, the walls or even cabinetry. This helps to reduce clutter by removing the need for a bulky speaker taking up precious counter space. Better yet, they’re cordless, and can even be matched to your wall colors for a completely seamless appearance. Besides music, these tools can also connect to any smart TV, creating a theater-like sound experience right in your own living room.

Smart Locks

Gone are the days where you’ve left the house, and get the sinking feeling that you forgot to lock the door. With smart locks, you have the ability to check and see if your doors are locked right from your phone. And in the case that they’re not, you can lock them remotely! No more worries. Some systems even allow you to both lock and unlock your doors handsfree, which can be especially helpful for those who tend to come and go with their arms full. No more fumbling in your bag for keys! 

Automated Thermostats

Over the last 5 years, smart thermostats have become increasingly popular. They’re user friendly, energy efficient and can be controlled via app, allowing you to control the temperature of your home while you’re away. A great feature for those long vacations! These thermostats are highly programmable- you can simply set it to adjust to a colder temp during the daytime, then automatically kick on the heat when it gets cold at night. In fact, over time these “smart” thermostats begin to learn your preferences, and can automatically program itself to fit your patterns! 

These are just a few of the many smart home devices out on the market! While these features are quite the investment, smart home technology is a great choice for a luxury upgrade, helping to simplify your life and up your home’s resale value.