Interior design is an art created through custom renovation. The best designed rooms will have pieces that come together in comfort, style, and functionality to create a balanced, luxurious space. Read on to learn more about balancing comfort, style, and functionality in your next interior design project. 

Define the Purpose       

When creating a room or space through custom renovation, it is important to define the purpose of that space. Once you are aware of the desired overall purpose, you will have better tools to be able to bring that purpose to life. Understanding the purpose of the space will help guide the interior design process as you figure out how to balance comfort, style, and functionality. 

Proportion & Symmetry     

When designing a new space or bringing furniture into a space, proportion matters. WIth incorrect sizing of walls or furniture, a space can feel cluttered and uncomfortable– no matter how good the style is. By prioritizing your proportions to maximize functionality and comfort, you are equipped to create a styled space. Symmetry can also bring these elements to a space. While not everything needs to be symmetrical, purposefully looking to balance the visual weight of objects in a space will help bring not only style but also functionality and comfort. 


There are many ways you can use contrast and variance in your design elements to bring balance to a room. Contrast can come when using varying textures in the same space. It can also come from varying heights of objects. While symmetry and proportion are pleasing to the eye, skilled interior designers can use contrast to also balance a space.  

Multipurpose Designs        

Through the help of custom renovation, specific designs can help you embrace balance with versatility and maximized functionality. Murphy beds, for example, are a great option that work as a bed and double up as a desk, a coffee table, or even built-in storage. Not only does this help you achieve comfort, style, and functionality, but it also allows you to do more with the space that you have. Multipurpose designs are all about balance!

Multipurpose Furniture      

During the design process, you should be aware of the balance you are trying to create between comfort, style, and functionality. Going through the custom renovation process with this in mind at all times will help you achieve it. There are many great pieces in a home that help create balance like this. An ottoman, for instance, can bring comfort to you as an additional place to rest your feet while watching TV. It can also store toys or household items inside of it, creating functionality. WIth many different kinds of multi-functional ottomans on  the market, you are sure to be able to find one that fits your style and aesthetics! Some items are particularly designed to help you create balance among comfort, style, and functionality.  

Creating a luxurious interior design is achievable with custom renovation solutions and knowledgeable designers! Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools can help you create balance in comfort, style, and functionality of a space. Contact us today to learn more.