Bathrooms should be more than just practical (although they really should be that, too!). This space in your home is a unique opportunity to experiment with your style in ways that you simply can’t in other rooms. Not to mention, you’re curating an experience. Bathrooms can be sanctuaries of relaxation: practical, and luxurious.

Lucky for us, bathrooms are taking the spotlight in 2022! To inspire you, here are some of the trends we’re predicting we’ll see plenty of next year:

Industrial Meets Organic

“Industrial meets organic” sums up 2022 bathroom trends beautifully. Traces of this concept will bleed into almost all of the trends discussed here. So, let’s break it down. 2022 is all about juxtaposing the clean surfaces of industrial architecture with the organic shapes and textures found in nature.

Featured in the photo above we see concrete walls and bold lines in the windows and ceiling. However, the oval shape of the tub adds character to the room, and smooths out some of the harshness. The colors overall are neutral, but warm. The room lacks the cold, metallic metal associated with industrial style, but maintains the decisiveness. The wood accents are what really make this space. The natural curve of the towel rack ladder and the wooden shelving tie the organic elements in perfectly.

The Great Outdoors

While merging your indoor and outdoor spaces is not necessarily a new idea, it’s taken the 2022 bathroom trends by storm! Adding outdoor elements to your indoor bathroom is an amazing way to really bring the “organic” aspect of “industrial meets organic” to your home.

To accomplish this, use glass walls and strategically placed french doors to let in all of that fresh air and natural light (while maintaining your privacy). If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even build the entire space outdoors! Using a sunken covered patio, plenty of greenery, and privacy fence, you can truly create your own oasis.

Basin Sinks

It’s all in the details, especially with minimalism on the rise in home decor trends. When you’re working with less, making the most of your staple pieces is key. With basin sinks sitting atop your bathroom counters rather than in them, you can add interesting and appealing depth to the structure of the room. It’s a relatively minor change, but it makes a big impact!

Slate Accents

Slate is the perfect marriage of industrial and organic! While such a dark color may seem intimidating, when applied properly it elevates the space to another level. The color is natural and earthy, and the grainy texture helps to soften it. Used in bathrooms, it creates incredible contrast against smooth, white porcelain and tile.


What do you think about these 2022 bathroom trends? Feeling inspired to take on your own bathroom renovation or remodel? Contact Jameson Luxury Homes and Pools today to start working toward the luxury bathroom of your wildest dreams!