Keeping up with constantly changing home decor trends can be pretty overwhelming! From bold chevron patterns in the early 2010s to the modern farmhouse look that ruled the late 2010’s, we’ve found that the 2020 decade has welcomed a new approach to home decor and interior design. With that said, here are some of the top 2021 trends that have helped welcome in the new decade!

Bold Colors Mixed With Neutrals

While neutral colors have been popular for a while now, a popular trend is to add a splash of color to those neutral tones! Pairing a bold color, like emerald green, with a neutral can liven up your space while maintaining the cozy feel most of us are looking for. You can do this by adding different throw pillows, accent chairs, and art work!

Chic & Cozy

As most people have been spending more time at home lately, we’ve started to depart from the mid-century aesthetic to a more relaxed, cozy look. Not only a cozy look, but a chic cozy look. One of a kind pieces of furniture and sculpture pieces are frequently used to bring a sense of luxury to a comfortable living room space. This idea of “livable luxury” will make your living room both tranquil and trendy!

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls can be used for a variety of purposes! With photography having become increasingly popular over the years, most people love to capture big milestones or adventures in their lives through photographs. Developing and framing these photos in different sizes for a gallery wall is a perfect way to tell your family’s story to anyone who comes into your home! 

You can also add a sense of luxury to your living room through a gallery wall by investing in sculptural, full wall, or panel artwork!


We are probably all familiar with the term “boho”, but what about “boho-chic”? This new design trend combines the traditional bohemian design with elegance by incorporating items that are relaxed, bold, and unique. Like any eclectic spaces, boho-chic designed living rooms make creative use of interesting and distinct vintage pieces. This decor style is also known to stimulate conversation and spark creativity! 

Sometimes incorporating new decor doesn’t quite do the trick, and you find remodeling your home is the best way to go! At Jameson, we specialize in combining full home and outdoor design services with complete construction and interior design. Get in touch with us to begin the process of remodeling your living space!