Trends in Custom Design

Aug 27, 2019

If you’ve ever built, bought, or shopped for a house, you might be familiar with the standard design decisions and variables that you come across between homes. We all have our preferences among flooring types, countertops, number of rooms, and floor plans- but what about the custom additions on top of the skeleton of the house? With custom design, you are able to create new spaces, add to existing spaces, and further personalize exactly what you want and need in your home! Here are a few various additions that are trending in the custom design world today!

Full Tile Backsplashes 

Backsplashes are not a new commodity, but they have been progressing! As opposed to the small space of backsplash between your cabinet and countertop, full tile backsplashes take over the entire wall from counter to ceiling in places like behind your sink where the cabinets end. The patterns and colors to choose from are endless, giving you complete freedom to choose a design that is captivating and complimenting to your kitchen.

Destination Bathtubs

The master bath in a typical home is usually still a spacious and accommodating area for double sinks, toiletries, and a separated bathtub and shower. A destination bathtub requires a significant amount of space and easily becomes the staple piece of the bathroom. Standing alone, these bathtubs bring a spa-like elegant atmosphere to the master bath that can be quite a delight!

Window Walls

Found in kitchens or living areas, window walls are a beautiful addition of natural lighting that opens up space immediately. In kitchens, designers have been using deeper cabinets and drawers to eliminate a wall of cabinets, giving the opportunity for windows from counter to ceiling on one wall of the kitchen. In living areas, designers can create an entire floor to ceiling window space, giving the room an instant vacation-home feel! 

Electric Fireplaces

This fun addition surprisingly has flexibility in placement! We have seen large fireplaces in the living areas that can be covered up during the hot seasons, or small fireplaces in the bathroom wall next to your destination bathtub! Of course, outdoor fireplaces don’t have to be electric, but they typically come with fancier designs, easily installed into a design that a regular fireplace could not be.

If you need any assistance in your upcoming custom design project, reach out to us for any questions! This is what we do because we love creating the perfect home with your personal touches all around.