Dress up your windows in style in every room of your home by following these tips. Not only will they add luxury and comfortable beauty, but they will shield your fine furniture and flooring from the blazing Texas sun.

Darker metals are still trending in home décor and are expected to stick around. Brass and bronze are “in” for fixtures and accents, but when it comes to fabric, nothing says “class” like gold. Using a base color of gold for your window treatments allows for a wide range of colors in your furnishings and floors, because gold coordinates with so many colors.

The fabric texture is also important. Thick, bulky fabric, while luxurious, can make a room feel heavy and dark. Going with a medium-thickness fabric will provide the sun shading you need while still looking lush. A medium-thickness is also easier to work with when designing drapes and pleats so they will lay nicely. Another consideration is puddling – will your drapes touch the floor? If yes, going with a slightly thinner or medium-thickness will work best.

The sheen of your fabric is really up to personal preference. High-sheen looks great in dining rooms and bedrooms, while a matte finish compliments living rooms quite nicely. Deep jewel tones and darker colors with gold accents stand out in high-sheen.

How about patterns? It may go against what you believe Decorating 101 should be but have you considered matching window covers and wallpaper? This new idea is popping up all over decorating magazines and designer websites. Give it a try!

Curtain height is variable, but “the higher, the better” is in-style now. Many homeowners are hanging their curtains starting all the way at the top of the wall, either just touching the ceiling or directly underneath the crown molding. When using this technique, you can make the curtains into a wall covering by extending them the entire width of the room, which will make the wall appear larger. This method is very effective in bedrooms where you want to block out all sunlight or over sliding glass doors.