This Ones For The Entertainers!

Aug 27, 2019

When designing your home or browsing the listings, do you envision hosting your son’s 5th birthday party in the backyard or showering your favorite newly engaged couple for an evening of music and cocktails? There’s something about scrolling through pictures of homes that gets our creative juices flowing, imagining all of the things we could do with all of that SPACE! 

Having an area for entertaining isn’t always about the square footage, though. Whether you are working with too much space, or not enough, there are strategies to follow in order to create an ideal home for hosting. Here’s a few…


-Don’t underestimate the power of a really, really great kitchen island. Go big or go home! The kitchen island can be used as the central point of just about any gathering. Add some additional seating with a few barstools on one side! Guests can sit and sip while watching you cook up a tasty meal. During a crowded party, the stools can be moved to another area for seating while opening up the island for serving. 

-Do you like the comfort of being inside, but love the sights and sounds of being outside? When you’re hosting a group during the day or night, having an area to sit and gather in outdoors keeps the party feeling open and energized! A covered backyard living area is not only rising in popularity, but it is quickly becoming one of the staple items of a home (hint, hint- it’s a profitable investment). A few simple additions such as a ceiling fan and fireplace make it a versatile area to utilize in every season. 

-A multi purpose guest room is about to be your favorite new project! When you have guests over for a night of fun, or family coming in town to visit, it’s always nice to have a hospitable room for them to stay in. But if you’re already limited on extra space, why not try to make the room multifunctional?! Install a wall bed in your office or game room that can be pulled down when you have company, but left up in your day-to-day life! 

-Getting creative with your storage space- the entertainer’s biggest challenge. If you’re looking for extra room in your cabinets, consider installing additional shelving on the cabinet doors as well as a revolving three tier shelf inside. We are missing out on all of that extra space we don’t use! Some purchases you can make to free up your busy refrigerator would be a wine fridge, a separate ice maker, and a deep freeze. Head’s up, a walk-in pantry is a God sent for storing party materials! 


So! Whether you’re thinking of renovating or designing a new home, Jameson Luxury Homes and Pools can help assist you in the right direction. Call us today at 281-364-1338 to give us your ideas and we can give you a quote!