As summer turns into fall, we look forward to the changing leaves, crisp air, and some really enjoyable weather on the horizon! Fall can be such a great time to gather with friends and family. Check out these 4 tips for hosting in your home this fall.

1. Create an Inviting Space      

Carefully consider how you are arranging furniture to encourage conversation and bring up the mood. Seating should make it easy for people to face each other, talk, and interact. Adding blankets on armchairs and couches can be great to ensure guests the extra warmth if they get cold and decide they need a blanket. Another way to invite people to stay and get cozy is by playing light music. You want the music to add to the night– not take away from it. Make sure you are conscious of what music you play and the volume it is played at. 

2. Create Ambiance   

The proper lighting can really enhance any gathering. Consider how you are going to use lighting to dictate the mood. Do you want the lights bright and harsh? If you’re hosting a small gathering or party, dimming the lights can bring some nice ambiance to the room. Setting the table with red, orange, or yellow candles can also add to the mood. Adding real light through fire can elevate a mood as compared to using fluorescent light from light bulbs. Another way to bring in real light and create ambiance is with a firepit if you have one available. There is something about chatting around a firepit that just makes for some great conversations! 

3. Decorate for Fall     

The decor you choose can elevate your party or gathering this fall. Wildflowers, pumpkins, and even dried flowers can be used to create centerpieces or floral bouquets. Dried corn and hay bales are another great decorative tool to add some fall into your space. If pumpkins are a little too halloween-esque for the fall space of your dreams, you can even decorate with fall leaves. The vibrant red, oranges, and yellows are a staple of fall and you can just grab a few from outside! 

4. Consider Fall Themed-Food and Drink 

There are so many delectable flavors that are specific to fall. People wait around all year for fall to show up just so these flavors can come around! Even though some of the flavors are available year-round, something about these flavors in fall just hits differently. Apple cider, pumpkin lattes, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, hints of ginger, and spice are all regularly used fall foods, drinks, and flavors. Adding these fall flavors to your gathering can help bring the season into your home and create a great environment to host in this fall.

Fall is  a great time to host. We want your space to be one you are proud of and one where hosting is enjoyable for both you and your guests. Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools can help you design your home and work with you on your interior design. Not quite sure how to decorate for fall or just looking to change it up? Contact us today to learn more about our interior designing services and be ready to host the perfect get together this fall!