Designing your dream luxury home is the blueprint to luxury living. Our team at Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools are some of the best in the business when it comes to encapsulating the feeling of luxury in a room or home. Read on to learn more about designing your dream luxury home.

Curating a Vision        

When designing your dream luxury home, it is important to curate and define your vision. Before going into any major renovations or builds, knowing what you want out of your space is important. The feelings you want to associate with being in that space can help you guide your home improvements. Checking out some inspiration on Pinterest, looking at past clients of ours, or chatting with our trusted team of professionals is a good way to get started. This can help you figure out what you like and don’t like before you get started!

Attention to Detail      

If you are looking to achieve luxury in your home, attention to detail is a must! Implementing smart home technology, voice-activated controls, and even vintage-inspired furniture can contribute to the feel of luxury in your home. The specific details that will bring out luxury in your space will vary depending on your wants and needs. That’s where we come in! We are versed in working with many different clients and helping them achieve their dream luxury home with their own unique flair. 

Luxurious Features and Personality      

If you are looking to achieve a look of luxury in your dream home, there are some comment elements builders often use to create the feeling of luxury. Natural elements, mixing textures, and being creative with your entertainment spaces are all things that can really bring luxury to a space. More than just implementing certain materials or elements, though, there are ways to incorporate your own personality into the space and truly redefine what luxury means to you.

Luxury Can Be Functional 

While luxury is all about the look and feel, you don’t have to sacrifice look or feel for function. In fact, luxury can be functional! Cutting-edge technology that includes home automation and low-voltage wiring allows you to achieve the look and feel of the lighting in a room while maximizing your power and efficiency. Our luxurious custom closets are sure a beauty to behold, but they are also extremely functional and practical. Luxury isn’t just for looks. With us, your dream luxury home is functional, too!

Achieving the look and feel of luxury is not a skill that everyone has. While luxury is meant to look extravagant and easy, pulling off that look and feel is difficult to do. How do you achieve the right look? Even harder– how do you achieve the right feeling? Are these spaces still going to have function, or are they just going to “look nice?” At Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools, we have the blueprint to luxury living. Contact us today to learn more about designing your dream luxury home.