smart technology in your pool in Houston

Do you have smart technology in your pool in Houston? Transform your outdoor scenery into an outdoor oasis by incorporating smart technology into your pool design. Read more to learn about smart technology in a pool. 

Keep Your Pool Water Clean        

If you are a pool owner, it can be a pain to constantly check chlorine levels and use test stips to check chemical levels. Keep your pool water clean and ready with smart technology. Smart technology in your pool in Houston takes away the guesswork on your pool’s pH and chlorine levels. Instead, a smart pool has sensors that constantly and accurately monitor the health of the water. Not only does it monitor these levels, but smart pools can actually make automatic adjustments to keep the water ready for a swim at all times!

Voice Activated Features      

When the pool water is the perfect temperature, but it’s starting to get dark out, it’s a pain to have to get out of the pool and run over to the side of the house to flick on the pool light. With smart technology in your pool in Houston, this no longer has to be your reality. You can turn on the light and change other features through voice command all from the comfort of your pool. 

Remote Access   

Another wonderful benefit of using smart technology in your pool in Houston is the ability to have remote access. Many smart pool technologies allow for controlling the system through an online web portal or a smartphone app. You can change the water temperature, lighting, and water features all at the touch of a finger from wherever you are! 

Save Money  

While we generally tend to assume adding technology to things can increase the cost, smart pools can actually save you money. Smart technology in your pool in Houston can optimize the efficiently of the heating and filtration process. Instead of wasting money heating the pool all day when you don’t actually need it warm until later in the day, you can schedule smart pool technology to make the pool the temperature you desire at the time you desire– and no sooner than that. This efficiency can save money and elevate your experience.

A pool can really elevate your backyard. Integrating smart technology in your pool in Houston can transform your nice backyard to an outdoor oasis. Experience the ultimate luxury by upgrading your pool or building a pool with smart technology. Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools has the expertise and resources available to make the smart pool of your dreams.  Contact us today to get started.