Home renovation can be overwhelming and costly, but renovating your house doesn’t have to be as elaborate as knocking down walls and replacing countertops. In fact, home renovation can be as simple as getting new furniture. The furniture you choose can transform your space. Check out these tips for selecting high-quality pieces to renovate your home.   

High-Quality Materials       

When undergoing your next home renovation, you can select high-quality pieces by doing your research on what kind of materials your furniture is made out of. High-quality furniture is made of high-quality materials. Solid wood is a great material to look for whenever possible. In particular, certain species of wood such as oak, mahogany, cherry, teak, and walnut are known for their quality.  

Check the Structure   

There are a lot of pieces of furniture that look like high-quality pieces, but they are not built well. Because of this, they won’t actually stand the test of time. One way you can select high-quality pieces for your next home renovation is by checking the furniture’s structure. Checking out the joints to ensure they seem stable, looking at any screws or bolts, and making sure the finish is smooth and even are all ways to do this. Checking the furniture looks good even in places that are not as visible is also key. Examining hidden areas like the bottom of the furniture can be an indication of quality.

The Strength Test        

More than just the structure of the pieces, it is important to also test out the strength. Check the quality of the furniture for your next home renovation by using the strength test. Apply pressure on different parts of the furniture to see if it is wobbly or creaky. Sitting on furniture that is meant for sitting and testing different loads on it is also important. While sitting on it, you can also move around a bit to test the strength of the piece to help you determine the quality of the furniture. 

Go for Handmade       

When possible, choose handmade furniture! Since handmade furniture is made by skilled tradespeople and not mass produced by a machine, the quality is often better. Checking furniture is handmade can be done by doing research on the seller of the product and checking the tag of the furniture. While not all machine-produced furniture is bad quality, most handmade items get enough care in the building process that they are more likely to be high-qaulity. 

Selecting high-quality pieces for your next home renovation isn’t always simple! Some furniture looks great from far away, but the quality isn’t great. By choosing pieces with high-quality materials with good structure, strength, and a little bit of research about how the piece was made,  you can select high-quality pieces to furnish your home. Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools can help you with your home renovation needs and can provide tips on how to get high-quality furniture and how to style it. Contact us today to get started.