It’s no secret, custom homes are a big investment! But they’re one of the most important investments you can make- and a space your family can enjoy for many, many years. But, one of the most important things to consider when building your custom home is the future. We always encourage our clients to look far into the future, so we can take into consideration any future needs they may have, and find a way to incorporate them into a design that works for them now, all the while planning for later.

One of the biggest factors is family. We have many clients with and without kids, but with either case there is always the possibility that their family will continue to grow. And as years pass, those children will have children, and so on! So, let’s talk about how to plan for your future family, without ignoring the needs of your current one! 

Spare bedrooms are always a good idea. While this may seem like an obvious addition to your custom floor plan, many people are averse to the idea of extra, unused space. We’re here to tell you that it’s not a waste! In fact, these additions can actually end up saving you thousands of dollars later down the line, avoiding later additions and construction. At Jameson, we always suggest having at least one extra bedroom that can be used as a guest room, and later transformed into a permanent room if needed. However, two to three is ideal. 

While you’re waiting for that space to be filled, consider what you could do with those rooms in the meantime! Create an indoor art studio, music room, makeshift movie theater, or simply use it for storage. The options are endless- and it’s always better to have extra room, than to find yourself cramped later on. 

Don’t skimp out on the storage! More people means more things as well. It’s smart to consider extending your garage in order to provide room for storage, as well as including a large attic or even a basement in your floor plan. These can even be transformed into living spaces later on, if you find you need them! 

Consider an “in-law suite.” Whether it’s a simple addition above the garage, or a completely separate building, it’s always nice to have the option! Even if you don’t see yourself using this space for a couple of years, overnight guests will appreciate the added space and privacy. You could even rent out the space if you so desired! 

Not sure which option makes the most sense for your family? That’s what we’re here for. Let’s start discussing your custom home today!