Are you a homeowner or looking to build a custom home? Choosing paint colors can be a challenging aspect of home decision-making. We’ve all been there, staring at rows of all shades with no idea where to start. It can be overwhelming! But with a little patience and strategy, it can be a breeze.


Which Direction?

First things first, start with the direction of your home. Sunlight from windows facing east and west can look drastically different, so narrow down your choice between warm, cool or neutral. Experts recommend sticking to these three categories first to determine the vibe you are going for. Different shades affect the lighting and mood of a room, so it’s important to understand your end goal.


Make a Mood Board

Gather ideas! Search Pinterest for visuals of different tones and colors. Researching colors ahead of time can give you a sense of what to expect before you hit the hardware store. 


Test, test, test! 

Once determining a few colors that would work for you, purchase a few test samples to take home. Experts often recommend painting samples on a large wall that will change lighting throughout the day. Compare shades next to each other and observe how they look in bright morning light versus shadowed evening light. Painting the corners of a room can also give you a good sense of how varied one color can appear. 


Be Patient and Trust Your Instinct

Sit with your sample colors for a couple days, then go with your gut. Choosing paint colors can be confusing but our instincts are often better than we think. We can often quickly determine how a color makes us feel, so if you find yourself going back to the same color over and over, you might be onto something!


Hire an Expert

If all else fails, skip ahead and hire an expert. We know sometimes time and effort is limited, so hiring a professional can give you the peace of mind you need. Expert interior designers like at Jameson Custom Homes can speed up your process and help you narrow down a palette that works for you. We can relieve your stress and guide you to the paint color that works perfectly for your home. Call us today for all your interior design, custom home, and remodeling needs!