Beautiful outdoor spaces include custom patios and walkways. Using the same, or similar, outdoor flooring all around your home gives a look of grandeur and continuity. Stone work, stamped concrete, pavers or bricks all have their pros and cons. Learn more about your options here!

Flagstone is a naturally beautiful material to pave your patio and walkways. It’s irregular shapes and bit of texture make each piece unique and give the ground character. The variety of colors available are typically those found in nature, so they make a great option for your backyard oasis. Flagstone is slippery when wet, so consider that if your oasis contains a pool. Flagstone is durable and will maintain its color over the years. Flagstone hardscaping works brilliantly with landscape walls and other garden architecture features.

When it comes to pavers and bricks, the options are almost endless. Shape, size, color and layout can all be customized to your taste. Pavers can be laid out in a pattern based on size or color, so get creative. Use different colored pavers or bricks to outline an area, then fill in with another color. Ditto for size. These hardscapes are also very durable and will last over 50 years with proper installation and maintenance.

Stamped concrete is a lower cost option that installs faster and has a myriad of options. It can be designed to look like marble, slate, cobblestone or brick. The lifetime of stamped concrete is shorter than pavers and flagstone, but can be extended with proper maintenance. Concrete overlays can be installed directly on existing concrete without having to dig up the old material. Overlays can be very thin or up to almost one inch thick, depending on the pattern and style chosen. A sealant or wax coating should be applied regularly to prevent wear patterns.