Interior design is way bigger than just making things look good. At Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools, we design with purpose. By incorporating feng shui into design, we focus on promoting the flow of positive energy in our homes which can bring balance and serenity to our lives. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy based on using the elements of earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Read on to learn a few tips to create positive feng shui while designing your new home! 

Decorate with Wood      

Wood is a key element of feng shui. Wood is meant to symbolize creativity, growth, and vitality. When using wood for decoration, place an emphasis on objects that mimic the shape of trees, tree trunks, leaves, and even flowers. These decor pieces are usually in greens and blues. 

Decorate with Fire  

Fire is the element that goes with passion, transformation, energy, and enthusiasm. Candles are a great way to bring these things into your space. You can also implement fire by experimenting with different types of lighting. Decor in reds, pinks, and purples also help emulate this element. 

Decorate with Metal     

Metal brings logic, efficiency, and precision to your space. Look to use metal in spherical or round shapes to incorporate more of these things into your space.  

Decorate with Water 

Using water in decoration can bring spirituality and wisdom to any room. By adding mirrors, aquariums, and fountains in the room in a wide variety of irregular shapes, you can encourage spirituality and wisdom and foster relaxation. 

Decorate with Elements of the Earth       

Bring the elements of the Earth to any room by using earthy tones and images of landscapes. These can bring stability, physical strength, and balance to a room. 

Declutter & Positioning       

To let the energy of these pieces flow freely, it is important to declutter your spaces. It should be easy and free-flowing to move about your space with no obstacles getting in the way. Use inviting, comfortable furniture. Place your sofa against the wall and position it so that it faces the door if possible. Key pieces of furniture should be in a commanding position. Bring the outdoors inside by decorating with indoor plants. 

Take Care of Your Entrance       

Pay close attention to your entryway. It should be well-lit and free of clutter. This is about first impressions. Since energy enters your home through the front door, this space should be well-protected and given a lot of attention to. 

Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools can help you design your new home and incorporate positive feng shui into every room. Not quite sure how to decorate with one of the 5 elements or what combination of them gives your space the right look and feel? Contact us today to learn more about our interior designing services and enjoy a healthier, uncluttered space that promotes positive energy!