There are dozens of different interior design styles to choose from. Each and every year, we see more and more begin to evolve and develop. While you may gravitate towards a combination of different interior design styles, it’s a good idea to choose the one that most resonates with you, to use as a base when developing your own personal style! 

Here at Jameson Luxury Homes and Pools, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to create a custom home that feels just that, custom. By exploring some of the top design styles, we can get a better idea of our client’s likes and dislikes, so we can create something that is perfectly them! 


The traditional style embodies all the elements of classic quintessential American design. Think white walls, formal furniture, and antique wood pieces. Those who are drawn to this traditional type of style often value simplicity, symmetry and tradition.


Modern design style has gained popularity in the last decade, consisting of calming, neutral hues that create a uniform atmosphere. Rather than introducing colors, textural elements and modern art pieces provide visual breaks and liven up the space. Light-toned wood pieces and concrete are two materials you’ll find used consistently in modern design.

Modern Farmhouse

Made popular by the design duo, Chip and Joanna Gaines, this is one of the most popular design styles of the last five years. The style takes inspiration from the classic rustic farmhouse style and combines it with some traditional elements to achieve it’s distinct look. The look is refined, anchored in whites, creams, blues, blacks and even plaids. Though it may look more formal than a classic farmhouse style, it remains both comfortable and inviting. 


Lastly, we have American glam. This style is often seen used in luxury custom homes, and for good reason. Luxe textiles such as velvet, leather and suede fill the space, often in jewel-colored tones. This high-end style is posh, yet minimal, which appeals to many. 

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