A custom home allows the owner to choose their favorite style, floor plan, unique built-ins and other imaginative inspirations. What if the homeowner could also choose to design their home with health in mind? The latest interior design trends aim to inspire with nature, light, cleanliness and serenity.

Wellness-Centered Design

Wellness is defined as, “the state of being in good health”. Our home can aid in this pursuit with clean air, clean water, biologically appropriate lighting and places to relieve stress. Cutting down on chemicals by choosing specific paints and adding strategic windows that allow for open airflow when the time is right can work wonders for air quality. Natural light in the morning works wonders for the body’s circadian rhythm. Try designing your morning beverage area near an east-facing kitchen window to wake up with the sunlight. A thoughtful work from home space could include plenty of windows, some separation from the hustle of the house and potentially, a quick exit to a restorative outdoor space. Creative nooks and serene spaces for children and adults alike add a degree of whimsy and relaxation.

Biophilic Design

This design is all about bringing the spirit of the outdoors in or the merging of indoor and outdoor vibes. A sunroom full of greenery is a great place to relax, recharge or exercise. Using tall ceilings with high-spanning windows lets the backyard foliage become a focal point for the indoors. It is unconsciously calming to have views of nature and plenty of space to breathe and let the mind wander. Patios and lovely outdoor space also fit into this category. Another option is an atrium or designated sun-lit spaces for plant life indoors.

Organic Design

Organic design relates to living naturally with the touch of natural elements. The custom choices of materials like wood and stone add earthiness and a grounding to your home. Even outdoor architectural features such as a wooden pergola extending from the garage to add extra shade can fit this style. Living with organic design might mean to purposefully create the easy flow of space through high traffic areas in the home. Another idea is to build smart storage or the perfect space for your indoor and outdoor recreation equipment; whatever organically matches your familys’ needs and flow of life. Perhaps, a gardening station?

Interior Color Trends

The paint colors of the year for 2022 all seem to have a bit in common. They fit the bill for a healthy home by making us feel serene and centered. Consider these prized choices in your custom home.

Behr – Breezeway
Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog
Benjamin Moore – October Mist
Better Homes and Gardens – Laurel Leaf
Glidden – Guacamole

Bonus Trend – Package Drop Room

Imagine a climate-controlled room off of the garage that can be used to securely drop packages and grocery deliveries to protect from the weather. This multi-functional space may house a spare fridge and your pet supplies or even double as a pet room. This neat upgrade or renovation can be especially helpful when owners are away from home and assistants or dog-walkers need a mutually safe, easy-to-find place to access the pups or drop off important items.

Ready to bring health into your home? Sometimes decor only takes a space so far. Contact us today, and let Jameson help you create the atmosphere of your dreams!