Fall brings a lot of fun flavors to the dining room. Check out our five favorite fall recipes to experience the season to the fullest– meals and all– this fall! 

1. Harvest Bowl       

The Harvest bowl has all kinds of fall ingredients. Sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, apples, and nuts make this healthy dish full of autumn flavors. It also includes wild rice, chicken, and kale. This dish primarily consists of proteins, fruits, and leafy greens– making it a refreshing and healthy fall dish. Check out Leah Perez’ Harvest Bowl recipes here!

fall harvest bowl

Photo by Danielle Daly

2. Cranberry Stuffed Pork Chops    

Nothing says fall like pork chops! Add a little cranberry flavoring to your pork chops and you are well on your way to a delicious fall dish. By making pork chops with a sweet cranberry-sage sauce, your pork chops can be transformed for fall.  Check out the Food Network Kitchen’s recipe for Cranberry Stuffed Pork Chops here! 

cranberry stuffed pork chops

Photo by Chrisopher Testani 

3. Curried Carrot and Apple Soup    

As the weather cools down in the fall, something about a bowl of soup just hits different! Enjoy Curried Carrot and Apple Soup this fall. This fall recipe has sweetness, spice, and tang wrapped all up into one dish! Perfect for a busy work night, this dish only takes an hour from start to finish. Learn how to make Curried Carrot and Apple Soup here. 

curried carrot and apple soup

Photo by Con Poulos 

4. Pumpkin Lasagne  

Let’s turn a classic lasagne into a fall-themed dish with Food & Wine’s delicious Pumpkin Lasagne recipe. A lasagne recipe wouldn’t be complete without a few different kinds of cheese, so this recipe has plenty of that! This particular recipe adds a fun fall twist through the use of pumpkin and nutmeg.  Sound interesting? Try the recipe for yourself here! 

pumpkin lasagna

Photo by Karen Mordechal

5. Pumpkin Mac & Cheese 

A flavor so nice, we had to mention it twice! We couldn’t end our favorite fall recipes without at least one more mention of pumpkin! Mac and cheese is a delicious year-round comfort food, but have you ever transformed it for fall? This Pumpkin Mac and Cheese recipe by Leah Sage is complete with a creamy, cheese pumpkin sauce! Unlike traditional mac and cheese, there is a unique sweet flavor brought to it through the use of pumpkin. Don’t forget the breadcrumbs and fried sage leaves! 

pumpkin mac and cheese

Photo by Caitlin Bensel

Enjoy one of these delicious fall recipes this fall!