As the year winds down, we wanted to take a look back at some of the top trends in custom home design for 2023! Check it out! 

Work from Home Options 

Image of home office trends in custom home design 2023

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people into work-from-home, some people stayed remote well into 2023! This recent shift in increased hybrid or remote work options have led people to wanting nicer home office spaces to reflect this. Instead of squeezing your office onto your kitchen table or a corner in your bedroom, people are looking for an actual office space in their homes to help separate their work time at home from the rest of their time at home. Many custom home builds in 2023 included beautiful home offices to reflect this client want and need.  

Entertainment Spaces    

image of living room

In 2023, many people liked to look for entertainment in the home. Sometimes the weather is bad and you don’t want to go out. Other times, people just prefer a more intimate gathering than a local restaurant or bar can offer. By building in entertainment spaces into your custom home build, you have the option to host and gather at home! Instead of just a traditional living space, people looked for unique design and open layouts to accommodate entertainment in these spaces.   

Bringing the Outdoors Inside   

Image of backyard with open doors leading outside trends in custom home design 2023

Another trend of 2023 in custom home builds is bringing the outdoors inside. By building garage-style doors that open up into the backyard, people are able to open up their space and walk right outside. Another option to achieve this look and feel is by using sliding doors on big glass windows. Not only do these two options open up your living space, but they also allow for a greater connection with the outdoors and the ability to enjoy the weather.  

Movable Counter Spaces  

image of kitchen with adjustable counter space trends in custom home design 2023

Another 2023 trend for custom home builds is moveable, flexible counter spaces. Having adjustable countertops that move up and down allows users to maximize their space. Some of these counter options even have wheels so you can move them side to side. If you need more counter space to cook, simply wheel your countertop over next to your island and raise the height so they match. If you are looking to have dinner, you can wheel it back to the middle of the room and lower the counter height. Movable counter spaces are a flexible part of custom home builds that allow more versatility and functionality in a space. 

Bringing Greenery Into Your Pool 

image of pool with plants around it trends in custom home design 2023

Another custom home trend for 2023 included customizing our pools more than ever before! By bringing greenery into your pool, it looks even more like a beautiful lake and less like a man-made pool. The greens, pinks, and purples of the plants above pop beautifully against the brown rocks and blue pool. We hope to bring this trend into 2024 with us because it’s a stunner! 

Are you looking to bring one of this year’s top trends in custom home design into the new year with you? Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools can help turn these trends into your reality! Contact us today to learn more about our custom home builds.