We’re a custom home company because we believe that each home should be unique and tailor-made to fit the families who live in them. Like most things in life, homes aren’t a one-size-fits-all. We all lead very different lives, and thus have different needs when it comes to the place where we live. 

While there are many decisions to make when it comes to planning your custom home (we’re here to do the hard parts for you!), today we’re focusing on the bathroom. Besides the master bath, your home will likely have several different bathrooms in them, from guest bathrooms to half baths or kids bathrooms. With that comes a lot of decisions. So, let’s break down the main decision points for bathrooms in your custom home…

How many bathrooms do you need? If you have your bedrooms already planned out, this should be a simple question to answer. Perhaps you’d prefer each bedroom to have their own bathroom, or perhaps the kids rooms can share one- jack and jill style. If your house is a one story, do you need a half bath? These are all dilemmas we can help solve. 

What type of shower or bath facilities will each bathroom have? This is where you can run wild with creativity and draw inspiration for your dream bathroom. Then, begin thinking logistically. If you want to splurge on a walk in shower and a clawfoot tub in your master bathroom, you may consider choosing the classic shower/tub combo for your children’s bathrooms. Deciding what kind of features each bathroom will have aids in helping your designers plan layouts and square footage for each individual room.

Don’t skimp out on the storage. This is one of the most commonly made mistakes when designing bathrooms. Though minimal bathrooms are all the rage, you might regret it in the long term if you don’t plan for optimal storage. The good news is, functional can be beautiful too! Consider proper placement for towels, cosmetics, products and anything else you may need to store. Your options range from under cabinet storage, medicine cabinets, and drawers to linen closets, and they can all be seamlessly implemented into just about any design.

Once those big questions are answered, then you can move onto the fun part… picking out the details! This is the part of the process where you’ll really see your vision start to take place, based on your choices of tile, color scheme, countertops, fixtures and more. From modern to vintage, the options are endless. 

Have questions about your custom bathroom build? We’re happy to help. Contact us today through our website, or email us at info@jamesoncustomhomes.com.