So, you’re ready for a new space! Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery or have simply outgrown the home you’re in, deciding whether to build a new home or renovate the one you’re in can be a difficult decision. 

To help decide which option is best for you and your family, consider the reasons why you want to move. Do you dislike the area you live in? Is your home far too small? Do you want more land? The answers to these questions can quickly determine whether a renovation makes sense, or if building a new home somewhere else really is a better option.


Renovations tend to make the most sense if you’re wanting an upgrade, but enjoy the area in which you live. Want more space?  Significant expansion of your home is very possible through renovations- it’s done all the time! With options to build up or out, odds are you’ll be able to achieve the space you’re wanting. That being said, if wanting more space is your main reason to consider moving, talk to a professional contractor about renovation options first! 

Renovations are a great way to save money as well. It’s been said that it can take up to seven years to recoup the money spent on a move. Building costs, pricey movers and the sheer time and energy it takes adds up quickly! If you think you would be happy staying in your home with some simple additions, expansions or updates, renovation may be your best bet. 

New Builds

Now, let’s talk about the situation where building new might be the better solution. For one, if you currently live in an inconvenient area, you may use this opportunity to move somewhere better suited for your family. Perhaps you want more land, or your current lot simply doesn’t have the room needed for you to expand your home to the desired size. Or if you’re living in an older home with structural issues, with an outdated cramped floor plan, renovations may not be feasible. 

However, as we’re sure you are aware, there are a lot of cons to building new! You can start from scratch and work with a designer to create a home that is completely unique, and tailored to your needs and wants. And better yet, while your dream home is being built, you can wait peacefully in your current one- no apartments or hotel rooms required! 

Still not sure which option is best for you? Give us a call- we’d love to help out!