The bathroom can be a blissful place. After a long day, you should be able to step into your very own bathroom and right into a spa! If your bathroom doesn’t have that spa-like feel to it, check out these custom renovation tips you can do to design a spa–like retreat in your own home. 

Unique Backdrop      

Part of transforming your everyday bathroom into a spa-like retreat comes with sprucing it up a little bit. Custom renovations, anchored by a gorgeous wooden wall as the backdrop to your bathtub wall, can add beautiful textures that you don’t always find in a home. The uniqueness and richness of the wood helps give the bathroom a spa-like feel. If wood isn’t your style, experimenting with different wallpapers to give the bathroom more personality is another way to level up  your bathroom bliss. 

Amenity Station    

Many spas have tiled shelves for built-in storage that serve as an amenity station. Instead of storing excess bathroom products under the sink or on the shower ledge, a built-in amenity station can add an element of luxury to your bathroom. You can also include things like towels and bath bombs in this space. This custom renovation gives an upscale feel to your bathroom and more than that – it’s functional! It also helps declutter other areas in the bathroom. 

Play with Lighting        

Many spa spaces are relaxing because the lights are dimmed and not in your face. While you can experiment with unique bathroom lighting options that feel most true to you and your style, dimming the lights can help you relax and contribute to that spa feel. What kind of lighting works best in your bathroom will depend on the other elements going on in the room. Don’t be afraid to play with different types of lighting like overhead lighting, wall sconces, pendant lighting, and LED mirrors to see what gives your bathroom the most spa-like feel.  

The Details       

On top of many of the custom renovation architectural elements you can add to your bathroom to give it a spa-like feel, there are also a lot of little details that can transform your space. Spas always have clean towels available. Do you? Adding multiple folded white towels on the counter or on a shelf is true to the set up of an actual spa. Incorporating fresh eucalyptus and other indoor plants can also add an element of luxury to your bathroom. Additionally, essential oils and candles can add a spa-like smell to your bathroom.  

You don’t have to go to the spa after a long day. The spa can be right in your very own bathroom! Bathroom bliss is just a custom renovation away! Jameson Luxury Homes & Pools has all the tools you need to transform your bathroom into a place of spa-like luxury. Contact us today to learn more.